Monday, March 12, 2012

pHduino Arduino 1.0 compatible

Hi Folks,

I updated the code of the pHduino to be compatible with the Arudino 1.0. This is the changelog.


  • Removed all WProgram.h and WConstants.h and replaced by Arduino.h.
  • DS1307.cpp: Included Arduino.h.
  • DS1307.cpp: Typecast: from Wire.write(0x00) to Wire.write((uint8_t)0x00).
  • DS1307.h and twi_eeprom.h: Changed all Wire.send to Wire.write and all Wire.receive to
  • acme.h: Change from Serial.print(c,BYTE) to Serial.write(c).
  • Changed the main program .pde to .ino.
  • Changed CL_MAX_PARAMS_NUM in commandline.h from 2 to 3 (fco).