Tuesday, September 7, 2010

pHduino gerber files


I have received some e-mails about people interested to buy a pHduino shield. But, I can't sell it, yet. The reason is I used the Eagle Free version (I can't make money with this version). Another reason is the business tax is very hard here in Brazil. Therefore, it is better you make your our PCB shield. I will resolve this problem in the next version.

Today, it is easy to make a PCB at home using laser print toner to make the mask for the corrosion. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet describing how to make good PCB. But, sometimes, you don't have time to make a PCB or don't have ability for it. In this case, my suggestion is generate gerber files and send to a PCB manufacturer. There are a lot of services on the internet. You only need select one with a good rate between money and time.

I generated the pHduino gerber files and made them available for anyone that wants to order a PCB from a PCB manufacturer.


Use these files for your own risk. I am not responsible if your lost money or they do not work. There are many variables involved and I can not be responsible for any mistake.

If someone detect an error, please send me a message. I will really appreciate for your help or suggestions.

Thank you and good luck.